by Theoria

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Released through Antiq label, you can order a copy of the tape through the label's website :


released May 10, 2013

Alex Poole (Esoterica, Chaos Moon, Lithotome) did guest vocals on the second track.
All music was written recorded and produced by Theoria.
Cover artwork was designed by OKKVTE / Audrey & Came.



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Theoria Aleppo, Syria

Theoria is an Atmospheric Black Metal band formed in 2012 by Ahmad and Besher in the Syrian city of Aleppo.
Influenced by the likes of Darkspace, Chaos Moon, Sun of the Blind, Lunar Aurora, Blut Aus Nord ...

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Track Name: Sons of Past's Decay
The will to break this cycle withers
to seek the space beyond those walls
outside this torrent of self depreciative behavior
Ill-minded creatures
The sons of past's decay
Surrender ...

Abandon the cult of time
drowning in the sands of regret
the hollow shrine burns
arcane dead fathoms

Bones condemned to wither
Dust to start the circle.
Track Name: Inner Tempests (feat. Alex Poole)
Raging waters within
A storm of thoughts
consuming the remainings
of flesh

Unbounded currents of disbelief
arousing the still rivers

Acknowledge failure
Admit absence
Concede uncertainty
Embrace your inner tempest

The foundation of self-demise
is set with every thought
as those flickers flow
disturbing the serenity of ignorance

Adrift in this gale
lost in shapeless streams
of deep seated silence
Storms beneath the surface
eroding bones and skin
Soon to flow
Outwards ...
Track Name: Theoria
Celestial arches made from chaos
portals to the dead unknown
The epitome of creation
lies there beyond
in a shadow
of a desolate throne
where suns devour
and dead stars shine within the ashes

Rays ascend from
the unseen horizon
and disperse among spheres
scattered in seclusion ...
Remaining still
Evoking silence
Decaying afar.
Track Name: Narcissistic Veils
The pain, it radiates
An aura of dissonance ...
Despair, not only binds the ignorant
but pulls us down
To the void
the vicious void
Floating motionless
until we are no more.